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When Is The Best Time To Upgrade Your Electric Panel?

Life would be tough without electricity. In the home, the electric panel is a vital component of the power supply to the entire household. This is because, in addition to supplying electricity, it ensures all circuits are working as they should. Also, in case of a power surge, dip, and any other power supply issue that could lead to electrical shock or electrical fire, the system has control measures to minimize potential damage. But few people know when the panel is too old and needs replacement. Here are some indicators that it is time to make a replacement.

The Wiring Has Problems

You should replace the electrical panel if your wiring has recurring issues. The wires usually run from the central point to every room in the house, and if there's a problem with the supply, they will be the first indicator. Signs like dimming lights, flickering, discolored outlets, and burning smells can help you determine when a problem is developing and fix it in time. In such cases, you should call a licensed electrician to rectify the issue. Further, older wiring is more likely to have problems than the wiring installed in newer buildings. Hence, an electrician will inspect the panel and the entire house and tell you if it's time for an upgrade.

Issues With New Appliances

Most people notice a problem with their panel and need to replace it when they buy new appliances. Note that newer generations of electrical appliances come with higher energy demands. So, if the system cannot handle a high amperage, you might experience more frequent breaks in the circuit. Remember, the electrical code has a rating system for panel amperage, and there is a level below which you cannot place it, as you would be violating the code. Hence, having a certified electrician install your systems is always good instead of trying to do it yourself. More so, if you find a code violation within your home by a previous homeowner, you should call an expert to rectify it.

When Remodeling the Home

People remodel their homes for many reasons, and a critical step is to upgrade the existing structures. In such a case, you can replace your panel during the regular remodeling. This will give you a better experience with the electricity in the home and accommodate your new appliances.

These are some of the reasons why you would want to upgrade your electric panel. That said, always speak to a certified electrician about such massive changes. They understand the challenges of upgrading your home's electrical needs and will help you work around them.

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