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Repairing Your Commercial Ice Maker

For many restaurants, a commercial ice maker system can be an integral appliance. Without this system, it could be very difficult for these companies to provide their customers with the ice that they need for their beverages. Unfortunately, commercial ice maker systems can require an assortment of repairs over the course of time.

Water Filtration Problems

It is common for ice maker systems to utilize filtration systems to maximize the quality of the water that is being fed into the system. These filtration systems can be essential for avoiding instances where low-quality water could impact the taste of your ice. While the filtration system is normally very reliable, it can degrade and experience problems that will impair its effectiveness. One example of this could be faulty seals that may allow water to bypass the filters without being purified. While these problems can have major effects on the taste of your ice, they can be relatively affordable to repair.

Inconsistent Temperature Control

The cooling and temperature control system for your commercial ice maker will need to be able to effectively keep the temperature of the unit within a set range. Unfortunately, there are several ways that these systems could malfunction, which could lead to the system being unable to make ice or allowing it to melt. An especially common source of this type of problem could be a failed compressor for the cooling system as this may inhibit the ability of the refrigerant to release the heat that it has absorbed. Additionally, issues with the thermostat could lead to inaccurate readings. Often, these problems will begin with the ice that is in the maker starting to partially melt or being released from the maker while only partially frozen. At the first sign of these issues, a repair service should be hired to evaluate the cause and complete the necessary repairs.

Mechanical Problems With The Ice Dispenser

Many ice makers will have mechanical systems that will break apart the ice that was made so that the cubes or crushed pieces of ice can fall into the storage bin where they can be retrieved by workers. Unfortunately, problems with the ice dispenser can cause them to fail to be released. Often, this can be the result of a component coming out of alignment and causing a jam. Due to the variety of potential causes of this problem, a professional ice maker repair technician will be needed to evaluate the dispenser to determine the source of the failure.  

Reach out to an electrician who offers commercial ice maker repair for more information.