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3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Workers From Electrical Shock

Contact with live electrical wiring and equipment is one of the primary causes of death among people whose jobs expose them to electricity. Hence, you should seal all loopholes that can make your workers susceptible to electrical accidents. 

You may get sued if your employee dies because of neglecting electric shock prevention measures. You may have to pay costly compensations, including legal and medical fees. Such an accident may also tarnish your business reputation, especially if the case is highlighted in the media.

Here are simple ways to protect your workers from electrical shock.

1. Insulated Cables  

During installation or repair of electrical equipment, you should ensure your electrician uses thick wires that will offer adequate insulation. While thinner wires may be more inexpensive, their price isn't worth it if they can't protect you from shocks. With time, your wiring will get damaged due to wear and tear. 

Also, rats and termites can chew wires and expose their inner layers. Touching naked cables can trigger electrical shocks that can lead to severe accidents, such as burns to the skin and internal organs.

2. Stay Away From Electric Lines

Construction or building maintenance workers may have to work near utility lines, exposing them to shocks. You should call electrical professionals to help you identify the location of the lines so that your workers can stay away from them. The professionals can help you demarcate these areas. Other workers who clean your windows or trim your trees can also be exposed to shocks if your building is near power lines. 

You should contact electric experts to show your workers how to maneuver around while working near electric lines. The experts can also organize safety awareness programs. This precaution is the best way to ensure your employees are aware of electrical threats and how to prevent them.

You should also ensure the workers wear appropriate protective gear, such as rubber insulating gloves and sleeves, flame-resistant clothing, hard hats for head protection, and safety shoes and glasses to protect the feet and eyes.

3. Electrical Conduits

If your employees work in an area with many electrical cables, they can be vulnerable to shocks. You can solve this problem by using electrical conduits. Conduits are electrical piping systems used to protect and route electrical wiring. The components protect your wiring insulation from accidental damage. Hence, your workers can safely work at the site without worrying about electrocution. 

Contact an electrician to learn more.