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3 Services You Didn't Know A Residential Electrician Can Provide

Residential electricians specialize in home-based electrical systems. But in most cases, homeowners only use residential electricians for electrical:

  • Installation services
  • Inspection services
  • Maintenance services
  • Repair services

But, recent developments in the electrical industry have forced electricians to expand their range of services. As a result, residential electricians provide a wider variety of services in addition to the ones listed above.   

Here are three services provided by residential electricians that you didn't know.   

1. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations  

In the first quarter of 2022, electric vehicle registrations increased by 60 percent. However, owning an electric car can be challenging, especially if you don't have an EV charging station at home.   

Charging an electric vehicle takes several hours. Most EV owners spend several hours recharging their car batteries at a public EV charging station. Consequently, EV owners opt to install EV charging stations in their homes. Having an EV charging station at home enables you to charge your EV overnight so that you don't have to waste time at a public EV charging station.   

You need to hire a residential electrician to install the EV charging station in your home. A residential electrician must first upgrade your home's electrical system to accommodate the EV charging station.   

2. Solar Power System Installations   

Due to the ever-rising energy costs, homeowner demand for solar energy solutions has risen. Thus, homeowners are shifting to solar energy to reduce their reliance on the electric grid.   

If you are planning to install solar panels, you need a residential electrician for the job. Residential electricians can also recommend the best solar panels and batteries for maximum energy collection and storage.   

Furthermore, they can help you design an automated solar backup system. An automated solar backup system acts as a safeguard for when there's no power. If the electric grid goes down, the automated solar backup system kicks in to provide your home with electricity.   

3. Home Automation Services

Home automation is a growing trend in the United States because homeowners want to turn their homes into smart homes. Home automation integrates different systems and devices to work under one control center.   

A significant part of home automation involves integrated computer systems. But all the systems run on an integrated electrical system. So if you plan on automating your home, you need to hire a residential electrician to design and integrate the smart home system.   

After automating your home, you also need a residential electrician to regularly inspect and maintain the intergraded system to ensure it functions properly.

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