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Making A Laundry Room? Hire An Electrician To Help With The Process

Owning a home makes it possible to invest in new and exciting features for your family to enjoy. In your case, you may plan to add a dedicated laundry room. This addition allows you to do all laundry-related activities in one place instead of in several areas around the house.

Whether you are doing most of the work on your own or hiring professionals, you will want to get help from an electrician to help with several parts.


Washers and dryers do not use standard electrical outlets for plugging in. So, you need an electrician to install hookups for both appliances. This is an essential step because the washer and dryer are the most important components of a laundry room and doing laundry.

Ideally, you want to determine where the appliances will go before hiring an electrician. But you may appreciate a thorough inspection from an electrician to find the most convenient and inexpensive installation location. For instance, the existing electrical system might be easier to use from one spot over another, making it easier to fit the entire project into your budget.

Installing the washer will also require help from a plumber for the water hookup. A smart plan is to hire an electrician and plumber around the same time to avoid complications.


Another important part of a laundry room is the lighting. A lack of light can make it challenging to handle laundry-related tasks. For instance, you need bright and targeted lighting to help clean, iron, and remove stains. A proper task lighting setup can provide enough brightness to determine whether you have removed a stain or need to treat it more.

Consider adding recessed lights for general light and wall sconces to handle your task lighting needs. Another option for overhead lighting is a ceiling light fixture in the middle of the room. The only concern with this kind of light setup is experiencing glare while doing laundry. A possible solution is using a ceiling light cover that minimizes or eliminates glare.


While the appliance hookups are the most critical outlets to install, you will still need other outlets to help with laundry. For instance, you may use a fan, iron, steamer, smart speaker, smartphone charger, and television inside the laundry room. You can ask a professional to install several electrical outlets throughout the room to guarantee easy use.

Get help from an electrician to create a laundry room at home.