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The Basics of Infrared Roof Scans: Good Times to Schedule One

An infrared roof survey is a great way to identify possible roofing leaks under the surface of a flat roof. Since water intensifies heat, areas where water has seeped beneath the roof will show up hotter on the infrared survey. This helps you to identify any possible roof leaks even before you can clearly spot them with a physical roof inspection or with damage inside the building. Here are a few times when you should schedule an infrared roof moisture survey.

When You Are Buying or Selling the Building

One of the first things that you need to understand about infrared roof surveys is that they're beneficial to do when you've decided to either buy or sell the building. These are key times when you need to have confidence in the condition of your roof or, at the very least, a clear picture of where the problems might be. That way, you can address issues before you sell the building to improve the sale price, or request repairs before you buy if it's a building that's for sale.

After Installing a New Roof and Before the End of the Warranty

If you've had a new roof put on the building, you'll want to have a thermal inspection before you sign off on the job and finalize it. That way, you can address any potential issues right away. In addition, you'll get a warranty period with that new roof. Make sure you plan another scan shortly before the warranty period runs out so that, if there are any problems that you haven't spotted yet, you can address them under the warranty terms.

Before You Have a Roof-Over Completed

If you've been thinking that it's time for a new roof but you don't want to pay for the removal and replacement, you might be talking with a roofing contractor about a roof-over instead. If so, make sure you have a thermal scan completed before you agree to the roof-over to ensure that you're not just covering over leak issues.

As a Preventative

The sooner you identify any possible leak issues in your roof, the better. Addressing a roofing leak early protects your building from any potential water damage. Unfortunately, you often don't know that there is a leak in your roof until it does cause significant water damage. However, if you schedule periodic infrared scans of your roof, you can address these problems in their earliest stages and protect the building.

These are some of the most common reasons to consider an infrared roof scan. Talk with a contractor near you today for more help.