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Choosing The Right Lights For The Athletic Fields Around Your School

Some sports are regularly played at night, and for high schools or college leagues, this might be necessary so that the players are in classes during the day. Playing at night means lighting the field, and considering the best way to do that is critical. 

Light Coverage

Being able to see a moving object like a ball coming at you is essential for players on the field. If you are going to have players on a field at night, you need to have sports field lights that are bright enough to cover the entire field with little to no shadows. If the lighting is not positioned correctly or doesn't have the required brightness, it can create dark spots or shadows, making it tough to see what is happening on that part of the field. 

When sports field lighting is inadequate, it makes it hard for attendees to watch the game, and it can be difficult for players to perform at their best because they can't see what is going on around them. The lights need to illuminate the playing field entirely, and using lighting that is large and bright enough to overlap the other lights around the field can create a large, smooth pocket of light that blankets the entire play area when they are on.

Lighting Height

When choosing the sports field lighting for your sports fields, you need to consider the height they are placed around the field. Having a lot of lights is excellent, but if they are too high, the light may not reach the ground effectively, and you may still end up with shadows and light pockets that are distracting. 

Working with a sports field lighting contractor to select the right lights and mount them correctly on the support poles at the right height to provide the perfect amount of light for the area is often the best way to ensure the lighting performs well. In some situations, adding additional lights to the support poles is required to get extra light, while at other times, it is better to use a different style of light that allows better positioning without adding additional fixtures that are going to be expensive to maintain and operate. 

Lighting Installation

Installing sports field lighting can be challenging because it typically involves installing light towers, running power to the towers, and positioning the lights on them. The lights are usually installed after the towers are up, so you need lighting experts to climb the tower and work from the platform or use specialized light equipment to reach the lights. 

Placing the light towers typically also means pouring concrete bases or footings to support them and having an electrician run all the wiring up the tower to connect to the lights. A professional sports field lighting company can handle all of the installations for you and help with the design and layout of the lights, and most offer support and maintenance after the installation. 

To learn more, contact a company that provides sports field lighting