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3 Things To Consider When Replacing An Electrical Panel

Do you need to replace your electrical panel with a new one? You may have an issue with corrosion or intermittently working breakers that has caused the need to make an upgrade. However, before you jump into getting a new panel installed, you'll want to consider the following things.

Do You Frequently Trip Breakers?

One thing to ask yourself before you upgrade is if you frequently run into a problem where you trip circuit breakers. This is a safety mechanism of the circuit breaker, because it will shut the circuit down if it becomes overloaded to prevent damage to the circuit. However, this may be a problem that you can prevent when you upgrade your electrical panel. 

By adding a larger electrical panel to your home, you can separate some of those circuits that are frequently overloaded. For example, you will have the room to put the microwave on its own circuit if running the microwave causes other outlets to trip and turn off. Of course, this will also take some additional wiring work to get those specific outlets working on a single circuit.

Do You Have Double Tapped Circuits?

A double tapped circuit is what happens when people run out of room in their electrical panel. It is when two circuits are run to a single circuit breaker because there is not room for each to have their own circuit breaker. If you have circuit breakers that are double tapped because the old panel is at maximum capacity, it is very easy to move those circuits to their own circuit breakers with a larger panel. 

Will You Be Purchasing An Electric Vehicle In The Future?

Now is the time to start thinking of your electrical needs for the future. If you plan on purchasing an electric vehicle and installing a charging station at your home, your current 100 AMP panel is not going to cut it. You will need to eventually upgrade to 200 AMP electrical service for the additional electricity use that charging a vehicle quickly will require. 

Now is the time to make an upgrade to a 200 AMP panel if you plan on getting an electric vehicle for your panel installation. If not, you will be stuck with a 100 AMP panel that will only allow for slow charging of the vehicle, and the future upgrade to 200 AMP service will end up costing only a little bit more than replacing the 100 AMP panel with a similar panel.