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Understand The Most Common Electrical Problems In Homes

Electricity is a major part of your life, and you inevitably rely heavily on it in day-to-day tasks. These include cooking, lighting, entertainment, and pumping water, among others. There are some problems, however, that may affect how well you receive electric power in your home. Below are a few of these:

Circuit Overload

This happens when more electric current is used than the circuit is built for. There are different ways to tell whether there is a circuit overload. For example, you may notice sparks coming from the appliances or wall outlets. Another indicator is warm switch plates, outlets, televisions, and flickering lights. Most circuit overloads are caused by factors such as plugging too many appliances into a circuit, using faulty appliances, and bad wiring, to mention a few. Circuits have circuit breakers that match the capacity which they should hold. These breakers trip if they sense a rising electricity load. It is always advisable to avoid overloading a circuit as it can cause greater danger, such as a fire.

Electric Shocks

The human body is a conductor of electricity. Therefore, if a person comes in contact with live wires, the current flows through the body and may cause grievous harm. For instance, dealing with faulty appliances is likely to cause electric shocks. Other electric shock causes include damaged wiring, electric appliances coming in contact with water, damaged cords, and wrongly connected power. It would be best to be careful around power because electric shocks can lead to cardiac arrest, burns, and death.

Electric Surge

This refers to a sudden increase in voltage. These spikes, when strong enough, can destroy electronic appliances. Some things that can result in a surge are faulty wiring, electrical overload, lightning, and power outage. The surges can be prevented by having your wiring inspected to ensure that no fault can bring a surge. It would also help to disconnect all appliances during a storm, use surge protectors, and install high-efficiency AC units.

High Power Bills

High, unexplained electricity bills can get frustrating. This could result from several factors such as using appliances that are not energy saving, using an irregular thermostat, insulation being too close to the light, misuse of light and ceiling fans, defective wiring, and poorly insulated houses, among others. However, there are ways to lower electricity bills. Some strategies include purchasing energy-efficient appliances, auditing your energy, taking shorter showers, replacing your showerheads, and turning lights off when not in use.

Electricity is reliable and efficient when it flows uninterrupted. However, it can cause fatalities when mishandled or when not handled keenly. It is advised that you always replace equipment as needed. Ensure that you get a certified electrician to help you handle any electrical problem professionally.

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