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Installing a New Generator for Your Building

Power disruptions can be extremely problematic for both homes and businesses. To lessen the impact that these disruptions have on you, there are generator systems that can be installed. These devices will have the capability of providing your building with a steady supply of power until the electrical connection has been restored.

Assumption: A Generator Will Have to Be Set Up Each Time That You Need to Use It

Unfortunately, individuals often greatly overestimate the difficulty of using a generator. While there are portable generators that need to be moved into position and connected to the building before they can be used, there are also permanent automatic generators that can be configured to activate immediately when there is a power outage detected. While an automatic generator will cost slightly more to buy and install, this can be a small price to pay for those that need to minimize power disruptions as much as possible or that have mobility issues that would make it hard to set up a generator when there is a power failure.

Assumption: Your Entire Building's Electrical System Will Have to Be Modified to Accommodate The Generator

Another assumption that is often made about generators is that the process of installing them will require there to be substantial changes to the wiring of the building. While a connection point for the generator will need to be installed, this will typically be the limit of the wiring changes that the building's electrical system will need. For this reason, it is often advisable to install the generator near the building's primary electrical connection. This can greatly reduce the complexity of connecting the generator to the building's electrical grid, which may also have the benefit of keeping costs low.

Assumption: There Is No Need to Service the Generator If It Has Not Been Used

For most buildings, the generator will only be needed on a sporadic basis. While you may be able to go many months without needing to use the generator, it is still important to have it serviced by a technician at regular intervals. Without this type of work, the generator could suffer problems and deterioration, which may prevent it from working when there is a power failure. Having the unit serviced by a professional each year can significantly reduce these risks so that the generator will be ready when your building suffers a power failure. Luckily, these service visits are affordable, and they will typically only take an hour or two for the technician to be able to fully inspect and service the generator.

For more information, reach out to a generator installation service.