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A Brief Introduction To Different Electricians And What They Do

Most people have come across or sought electricians at least once in their lifetime. That is so because most technicians' services are vital for property owners, businesspersons, and many other individuals and entities. They include; electrical component safety inspection, fixture or equipment rewiring, troubleshooting electrical issues, wiring, and installing lighting fixtures, Electricians also maintain and install electrical machines and tools used in most industries and similar facilities. Here are some common types of electricians depending on specialization:

1.       Commercial electricians

If you have a commercial building like a medical center, warehouse, office property, or retail store, contracting a commercial electrician when you have a wiring or any other project related to electrical systems is highly advisable. The reason is, unlike their counterparts (residential electricians), these technicians have the skills and experience required to work in large spaces that are either heated up and stressful or full of electrical supplies and wires. That means, if you have any commercial property containing complicated electrical materials, no one can do a better job than commercial electricians.

2.       Residential electricians

Residential electricians mainly service and install the control, lighting, and wiring systems in residential buildings like dormitories, hotels, apartments, or rooming houses. If you are a residential property owner, you can also engage these experts to inspect electrical components like circuit breakers and transformers and troubleshoot for any faults using devices like multimeters.  Residential or home electricians ensure your home is safe because contracting companies generally vet them and identify technicians with the right skills. These include reading comprehension, mechanical aptitude, problem-solving, and customer service skills.

3.       Automotive electricians

Cars have electrical systems that enable them to run or operate. These systems power all electronic and electrical devices in automobiles, including the motors, interior lights, air conditioning, heating elements, and refrigerator systems. Automotive electricians, otherwise known as auto electricians, install, maintain, and fix all electronic components and electrical wiring in vehicles. You will mostly find them in auto service centers handling such tasks. They also help vehicle owners diagnose prevalent electrical issues and recommend sensible remedies.  

4.       Construction electricians

Do you have an upcoming construction project? If you do, expect to hire a construction electrician to assemble, wire, and install all the electrical systems your new building or home needs. That means you need these specialists to handle all tasks related to the network of conductors and devices essential in the safe distribution and conversion of power in your project and property. Reputable construction electricians from companies like Etheridge Electric Company Inc tackle basic wirings and know safety procedures, building codes, and other related subjects.