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How A Residential Electrician Can Help You Prepare For Storm Season And Repair Electrical Storm Damage

When spring is on the way, it's time to think about spring storms and violent weather. Strong storms damage your home in a number of ways, but you may not think much about your electrical system. Your system can be damaged during a storm by flying debris, lightning, high winds, hail, and power surges.

A residential electrician can make any repairs you need, and they can also install a standby generator so you can ride out any potential storms without losing your power. Here are things a residential electrician can do to help.

Install A Standby Generator

If you're like a lot of people, you have a gasoline-powered generator for backup power after a storm knocks the power out. If so, you know how much trouble it is to deal with a portable generator, and you know how dangerous they can be, too. A better solution is a standby generator that an electrician wires to your electrical panel so you're prepared for the stormy season.

This generator senses when the power dips and then it turns on by itself. When the power comes back, the standby generator turns itself off. The generator runs on propane or natural gas, so you don't need to keep gasoline around. A standby generator is very easy to use, and it will keep your electricity running automatically so you never have to be in the dark.

Repair Damage From A Lightning Power Surge

A power surge can be very destructive. If your area gets a lot of lightning, you may want to talk to an electrician about installing a lightning arrester so lightning strikes won't be so harmful. If your home does get struck, everything from your electrical panel to the wires and appliances in your home could be damaged.

A surge might melt wires and increase the risk of fire. A power surge can also ruin things you have plugged in, such as a television or computer. It's always a good idea to at least have a surge protector to protect your equipment.

An electrician might need to do a number of repairs after a lightning strike, including replacing wires, putting in new outlets, and replacing part or all of the electrical panel.

A residential electrician can repair many problems with your electrical system after a storm, but some things have to be repaired by your power company instead. Damage to power lines is usually the responsibility of the power company. Be sure to stay safe by keeping away from downed lines or any part of the electrical system in your home that seems to be malfunctioning and get help from an electrician as soon as you can.