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5 Ways A Commercial Electrician Makes Your Premises More Functional

Making electrical upgrades to a commercial property can improve its functionality in several ways. Upgrading the electrical system can make the property more energy-efficient, saving the business money on its energy bills. Additionally, upgrading the electrical system can make the property safer, as it can help prevent electrical fires. Finally, upgrading the electrical system can improve the property's appearance, making it more attractive to potential tenants or customers. Engaging a commercial electrician is key to making these upgrades. Here are several upgrades that can make your workplace more functional:

1. Upgrade to an Extended Electrical Panel

A commercial electrical contractor can upgrade the electrical panel to an extended one. An extended electrical panel can provide more circuit breakers, making it easier for a commercial property owner to divide up the circuits and dedicate them to specific pieces of equipment, such as a new industrial refrigerator or freezer. This is essential for commercial properties with heavy machinery, preventing the electrical system from overloading. 

2. Set Up Dedicated Circuits for Heavy Machinery  

A commercial electrician can set up dedicated circuits for heavy machinery by installing circuit breakers and wiring in separate junction boxes. These circuits deliver electricity to specific pieces of machinery so that if one circuit fails, other circuits are not affected. 

3. Add High Voltage Outlets 

A commercial electrician can add high voltage outlets to the property. These outlets are used for heavy machinery and equipment that uses a significant amount of energy, such as refrigerators and welding machines. Adding high voltage outlets makes your premises more attractive to a wider range of industrial tenants.

4. Upgrade to Brighter Lighting    

A commercial electrician can upgrade the property's lighting by installing brighter bulbs or replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED lights. In addition to making the property safer and easier to navigate, brighter lighting can make the property more appealing to customers who prefer well-lit workspaces for better safety at work. 

5. Install Surge Protectors    

A commercial electrician can install surge protectors to reduce the risk of electrical fires. Surge protectors help prevent any power surges from reaching the property's electrical system, which can greatly reduce the risk of fires. Installing surge protection is important in shielding you as a property owner against liability claims. You avoid damaged electrical equipment and other risks. 

Would you like to see your premises attract more tenants? Talk to a commercial electrician about upgrades to make your premises safer and more functional. If you have additional questions, contact a commercial electrician