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3 Reasons To Install Occupancy Sensors In Your Commercial Property

Traditional lighting solutions are highly inefficient, which translates to high monthly energy bills. You can now adopt automated lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, thanks to technology.

Unlike the conventional switches that you turn on and off when you enter or leave a room, occupancy sensors only activate lighting when they detect your presence in a room. Once you leave the room, they automatically switch off. 

Check out three reasons why an upgrade to occupancy sensors in your commercial facility will be good for you. 

They are Energy Efficient

With the conventional lighting system, instances of people leaving the lights on in an unoccupied room are pretty common. The result is high energy bills due to increased energy consumption. Fortunately, you can upgrade to occupancy sensors to boost the energy efficiency of your commercial building.

Occupancy sensors limit energy waste by ensuring that all the lights in unoccupied spaces are off. In fact, occupancy sensors boost energy savings by 60% and lower energy waste by 68%. Remember that low energy waste is not only good for your monthly budget but the planet as well.

They are Convenient and Safe

Some situations may not allow you to quickly flick a light switch in a room, like when you're holding several boxes or a heap of files in your arms. You'd have to put down what you are carrying just to turn off the switch. Thankfully, occupancy sensors offer unmatched convenience to property owners and their workers by illuminating a room as soon as they detect motion. 

In addition, occupancy sensors greatly enhance safety in your commercial building. The sensing lights effectively deter intruders or people with malicious intentions. Also, your night workers (like the security personnel) will not be at risk of slips and falls as they patrol your property.

They are Versatile

One significant advantage of occupancy sensors is that you can install them only in the rooms or spaces you want to illuminate. For instance, if you operate a large warehouse, you will have light only in the sections you wish to access, while others can remain dark. 

Better still, you can use occupancy sensors to control appliances and other equipment in your building. For instance, you can integrate occupancy sensors with your lighting and HVAC units. This way, you can control a room's lighting and indoor temperature levels with an automated light switch, which helps reduce your energy bills further. 

Are you looking for a bespoke lighting solution for your commercial facility? If so, the energy-efficient, convenient and versatile occupancy sensors will fit the bill. You can enlist a certified commercial electrician to install this revolutionary lighting mechanism for you so you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.